Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dairy Denied

Well, as I think I've mentioned before, Monkey has multiple food allergies. We took her to the rheumatologist to have blood work done to see if her sensitivities have changed. We were excited to learn that the numbers were lower for dairy! So he instructed us on how to conduct a food challenge at home. Well, she passed the initial test--no severe, life-threatening reaction. However, she still broke out in a rash on her chest and back, as well as blistering in her diaper area. So we waited two weeks and tried again this weekend. Again, the same reaction. So the decision now is left up to us. If we feel it's worth the rash, we may feed her dairy. We've pretty much adjusted to a dairy-free diet anyway, so we're going to keep her mainly dairy-free. As this is still considered an allergy, we are still marking noting that she is allergic to dairy. I'd rather be around any time she has it just in case the allergy should get worse, which is always a possibility.
Her count was also lower on egg, but still high enough that the doctor wants to do that food challenge in the office. Honestly, living without eggs has only been a problem in the area of mayonnaise. I love mayo, but other than that, we're not big on eggs anyway. So, I'm setting that one aside just because I don't feel like paying for another doctor appointment--especially one that may cause her to have an allergic reaction to something.
So there is some good in this, I don't have to freak out if she gets hold of dairy. But I still can't go back to using cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, or cream cheese in everything. :)

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