Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

Many of my posts may be about my children. But I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays to my toddler. Toddlers are so fun to observe--her logic and reasoning can be quite comical. So on Tuesdays I will try to share some of the special moments, fun conversations, or just plain silly things that my daughter is doing.

One thing that sticks out to me from this past week is her speech development. She talks more and more everyday. She's starting to use sentences more, and sometimes it is very funny what comes out. Today she came running from the kitchen yelling because something had scared her. I asked her to show me what it was. She took me to her play kitchen, which is set up in the corner of our kitchen/dining room area. Then she just stood there, still trembling from whatever had frightened her. I asked her what had scared her. Here is the conversation that followed (with some translation and explanation!).

"Cat outside window."
"Is the cat outside"
"Ummm. Stool?"
"Where is your stool?"
"Lights, on. Stool?"
"No, the lights are on, you don't need your stool."
"Scared. Cat? See? Stool?"
*Here I opened the blinds so she could see if the stray cat was in the yard.*
"Oohhhh, I sorry. Kitchen?" *turning back to the play kitchen. the "oh" is sung*
"Did you see a spider?" *I'm still trying to figure out what startled her.*
"Yes. Spider."
"Ummmm. Floor. See? Spider. Trash?"
*She pointed to a broken piece of cracker on the floor. I did not see any bug of any kind, although I had wondered if this is what frightened her. Yesterday I killed an ant and threw it in the trash. Hence the reason she connected the spider to the trash.*
"No, Mommy doesn't see a spider. Everything is okay."
"Oohhhh. Sorry, spider. All done. Truck?"
*Here she went to the front window to look for the trash truck.*

It's not quite as fun as hearing her little sing-song voice and watching her eyes roam around the room looking for her next train of thought. But I just thought I would share some of these moments with you. :)

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