Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sickness, July 4, and a Baby on the Move

Well, everyone here has been sick over the last two weeks, and the worst of it passed between Wednesday (my last post) and Sunday...I think. I managed to avoid getting sick, or so I thought. But as everyone, including my husband, seems to be on the mend, I think I'm starting to feel the sore throat coming on, and I've definitely had the runny nose today. :( Sadness. I don't want to get sick...I can't get sick. As my husband lay on the couch all day Saturday I told him to enjoy, because I don't get to sleep when I'm sick. I didn't mind him laying there. I understood how he felt. So now I'm overdosing on Vitamin C!

Sunday we stayed home from church since the girls' fevers had just broken the night before and they were both still pretty snotty nosed. We were going to skip fireworks. But in a moment of selfishness I decided that this only happens once a year, and we could handle keeping the girls out that late just this once. So we went, and both girls really enjoyed it. I grew up watching fireworks in the mountains, and now I get to watch them on the beach...well on the water. I had the baby in her Moby, so I stayed standing up and could see two different shows--one up close and one in the distance. I almost thought the show in the distance looked nicer. The fireworks looked more like pom-poms from a distance, rather than the colors raining down over your head as they do when you're up close. Both were nice, and I had a good time.

Monday my husband put together his Father's Day gift--a gas grill. I went and picked up a propane tank, and we enjoyed some burgers and s'mores. Very yummy! All day today I've thought it was Monday since my husband went back to work today. I was all ready to type up my Monday Market when I realized I'd missed it. I don't understand how all these mommies out there keep up with their blogs! I just can't seem to find the time, even when I have things I want to write about.

Well my six-month-old finally quit scooting and finally figured out the crawling. (I know I shouldn't say finally since she is only six months old, but she's been trying to figure it out for nearly a month!) I had many people warn me that life would get harder once she started moving, but I've actually been looking forward to it because now she can play with her sister a little more. But I realized this morning what the warnings were for. I'd forgotten how much one has to watch a crawler. With my oldest, everything was child proof. But now there's toddler toys that aren't necessarily safe for the baby to play with. So I'm currently trying to figure out a way to separate the toys and have a stash that's for my oldest to play with while the baby is sleeping. The baby also cut two teeth while she was sick last week, which I think was more of the cause of her waking up several times at night than her sickness was. It appears as if three more are sitting there ready to come in. I'm hopeful that she won't be as miserable with the others as she was with the first two. She got her upper canines in first, which are generally one of the more painful sets for them to get. My oldest child never really seemed phased by teething, so the misery my little one was in this week was a new experience for me. But as all babies do, she survived and got the teeth to prove it!

And I almost forgot to add the one of the greatest moments for me this weekend. I found a can of pumpkin on the clearance rack at Walgreens! I know, that sounds crazy. But I LOVE pumpkin, and have been so devastated that there hasn't been any pumpkin in stores since early November. Now I just can't decide what to do with it, because once it's gone, it's gone. Part of me wants to just eat it straight out of the can!

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