Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking a Break

Well, last night was the first time in six weeks that I didn't have the dragon of packets to grade breathing down my neck! (I grade Advanced Math packets for a correspondance school.) In an effort to pay for vacation I've been working super hard to grade as many packets as possible in the last month. Well, yesterday was the pay cutoff, and boy am I glad. Our whole family has suffered as a result of me working so hard. I've had to stay up late most nights to get the packets done, as it's a lot easier than trying to do it with two girls wanting to sit in my lap! Froggy still wakes up about twice a night, and in the middle of the month, everyone but me got sick, so everyone had poor sleep. I've been crabby with the girls and DH, and poor Monkey has probably suffered the worst. Correction has not been consistent as I've either been too tired to deal with her or so crabby that I knew I wasn't in the right attitude to correct her. So, now we have a monster. But hopefully that will be curbed in the next few weeks. Now that this weight has been removed from my shoulders, I can concentrate on getting my house and home back in order, bring my daughter back into subjection, and get packed for vacation (where everything will blow out of the water again!).

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