Monday, January 31, 2011

Caring for Sick Babies

Like any mother, I hate it when my babies are sick. My three-year-old woke from her nap yesterday with a low fever. I should have known something was wrong, because she'd been irritatingly whiny the last day or so. Today she's been just pathetic. Laid out on the couch, paci in the mouth, tv coming on periodically, running a bit of a fever, and trying not to go to sleep. I even put her in her room for a while, and she wouldn't go to sleep, but I can tell she can barely keep her eyes open. Both girls are currently napping.
I love that she is old enough to tell me what is bothering her! Although, when first asked if anything hurt, she replied, "My foot," because her sister was sitting on it. I noticed she wouldn't drink more than two sips of anything before setting her cup aside...this is unusual for her. She chugs anything I put in her cup! So I asked if her throat hurt, and from there she mentioned a few other things.
So is it coincidence that my kids only get sick on Mondays after being in the church nursery on Sunday? Just a thought I've had each time the get sick, because it seems to be the way it goes.
I'm hoping it's nothing like the flu, although she does seem to be pretty achy. Anytime I touch her she whines...okay, correction, anytime her sister touches her--maybe that's not so unusual anyway. :)
I'm currently in transition between pediatricians. I've paid one off and found one I want to switch to, but haven't actually visited the new pediatrician yet. I hope I don't have to meet him so soon! I really hate taking my kids to the doctor. If they were sick when we walked in, they probably will be when we walk out!
One nice thing about her being sick is that she wants to just sit and cuddle. Although, little sister isn't appreciating it so much! My little one is such a cuddle bug, and isn't use to competing for my lap or for being held because my oldest is content to bounce all over the house when she's awake! So, in the end, I've had once sick, cuddle bug, and one whiny, "neglected" cuddle bug.

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  1. I pray healing comes quickly without any doctor visits! My children always seems to get sick on Tuesdays...curious how it's 48 hours after church :/