Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Two Little Pets

I have two of the most adorable little girls EVER!

Emma is almost three, and she's my little monkey. Since she was about five months old, she was pulling up on stuff and trying to climb. If she got a good grip on something...your shirt, the car door as you were putting her in, could let go, and she would hold on tight and hang there for forever! She is such a joy. She is easily trainable, very sweet and loving, and very thoughtful of the needs and feelings of others. She is very inquisitive (aren't all 2.5 year olds!), and, in my opinion, very smart for for an almost-three-year-old. She is a great big helper, although a little too eager to help sometimes. :)
Edith is my little froggy...or salamander. I still haven't decided which. She loves to jump and bounce, and is just as happy (if not more so) in water as she is on "dry land." So, I've always called her my little froggy. But as a crawler, she always looked like a little salamander crawling around. But, typically, I always call her my little froggy. She's a spitfire, and definitely the stereo-typical bratty little sister! She know exactly how to push her big sister's buttons, and is very good a drawing out those oh-so-dramatic reactions out of her sister. She was a rather difficult baby, but as a result I was introduced to the wonderful world of baby wearing. But now, a year later, you would never believe that this sweet, smiling, bubbly little girl was once the fussiest baby I had come across in a long time! She is such a unique personality (I know, we all are). She is a thinker, and very mechanically minded. From a very early age (before she could even crawl) she has enjoyed pulling toys apart and attempting to put them back together. She studies what we do and imitates everything. I know babies do this to a certain extent, but her study is more of her personality rather than just a baby characteristic.

My girls are the joy of my life, and I can't imagine life without them. I am SO thankful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mom so that I don't have to miss one bit of their lives, but also so that I am aware of every influence in their lives. God has given me such a great responsibility with these two blessings (and any others that He gives us in the future), and shame on me if I shirk that responsibility and hand it over to someone else.

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