Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday Market

I know I'm a day late, but I was too tired yesterday to do anything more than I absolutely had to. Not sure why I've been so tired lately...but I have confirmation that it's not the first thing that popped into everyone's head (although I definitely would not complain if it were!). :)

Yesterday was a simple shopping day, as I'm anticipating all month. We are well stocked on many things and don't really need to spend much grocery money. This will be a big blessing this month as yesterday had an unexpected expense that nearly brought me to tears of frustration.

I'm still keeping this short and simple. I paid $7.41 and saved $23.04. The bakery item was a splurge for my husband. He grew up in Europe with real bread, and Publix bakery just started a new line of Italian inspired rolls that are par-baked in a stone oven. He loved it!

The Quaker cereal is one of my girls' favorite snack foods--and pretty healthy too!

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