Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Market

This last week has been SO busy getting ready for our local Mom2Mom swap that I hadn't even had a chance to really look at the sales ads, I just knew I needed to take advantage of the gas coupon! Well, we've already used up our gas budget for the month (thanks to the gas prices!) so the gas gift card was coming out of our grocery money, which we already determined we were trying to keep low this month. So, as much as I would have loved to snag a few of those gift cards, I had to restrict myself to just one. :(
So, I got all the stuff that I could get for pretty much free! :) Here's what I got--25 grocery items + a $50 gas gift card, and I only spent $41.66! Wish I'd had more Raisin Bran coupons, or a way of getting it cheaper. That's my husband's favorite!

No, the tractor in the background was not included in our trip! It's one of those horribly noisy toys that makes noise when you move it, and my girls were sleeping. I decided it could stay in the picture. :)
Poor Emma got excited about the smoothies, but can't have them Guess we'll be making some custom ones! Can't wait for summer so we can put more blueberries in the freezer! A few weeks ago she'd specially requested Capri Sun's for her birthday. I hope these Minute Maids will suffice!

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