Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Did It!

I had a successful Walgreens trip!! It took FOREVER to get through the store, but I made it out alive, and saved money! I sat in the store and made sure I had everything matched up. Then when I got to the register, they told me the one item couldn't be sold because it wasn't in their computer system. So, I had to re-work my purchases and get back in the now very long line. The trip took me about an hour. :( I still forgot my Ziplocks, but I got everything else I went for. So here we go with tonight's endeavor:

Transaction #1:
Sara Lee Bread = 0.99
Pampers = 2.50 - 2.00 coupon = 0.50
John Feida hair products 3/$15 - 7.00 coupons = 8.00

Paid: 10.81 (with tax)
Got: $5.00 RR

Transaction #2:
6 Old Spice body wash @ $4.49/ea
2 Old Spice deodorant @ 4.99/ea
- 4 BOGO coupons

Total: 18.96
Used: 5.00 RR
Paid: 16.73 (with tax)
Got: $10.00

So, to sum up: I got 13 items, spent 27.54 out of pocket, got $15 back in RR, so technically I only spent $12.54. That comes out to $0.96 and item! I'm so excited I finally had a successful trip. Now, I'm hoping to get a $10/$50 coupon from Winn-Dixie Monday so I can go to Publix and get FREE groceries! I can't wait til I can say I got free groceries!

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