Friday, June 18, 2010

Market Monday

When last week's sales ads came out I had determined not to even look at them because we were already out of money. But then I got the feed about free blueberries, and I just couldn't help looking over then entire ad. Over the last several days we have been nabbing free blueberries! Along with those we got a few other things that we just could not resist. I have been wanting to try Seventh Generation products as they are more environmentally friendly, safer for my home and family, and much nicer on my septic tank. (Clean up one backed-up septic mess, and you'll do everything possible to avoid doing it again!) Publix had them BOGO this week, and I had already ordered coupons for their products in anticipation of trying them. We were in need of dish soap anyway, so I nabbed some. Here are some pictures of our last few shopping trips.

...and three more things of blueberries that are not pictured.

So, all things considered, we have for this weeks spending:

11 pints of blueberries - 2/$3 on sale - $1.50/1 coupon = FREE
6 Almond breeze - $2.99 on sale - $1/1 MQ - $1/1 Publix Q = $.99/ea
4 Seventh Generation dish soap - $2.99 - BOGO - $1/1 MQ = $.99/ea
2 cantaloupe (because I got some last week and it was so good I couldn't resist!) = $1.99/ea
2 potatoes (to satisfy a craving [splurged]) - $1.09/lb = $2.26
*not pictured* (birthday gifts for my sister)
1 - 12 pack caffeine free Dr. Pepper - 4.00
1 Pillsbury funfetti frosting - 1.69

Coupon savings = 32.50
Total spent = 23.58

To me that total just doesn't sound as impressive as I would like, but when I look at the receipts individually, it looks pretty good. For example, the receipt for the second picture comes to $4.24. The milk in that picture alone, with no coupons, would cost me $7.38 at regular price. So, I didn't do too bad!

The third picture is from Flowers Bakery discount bread store. This past week the Nature's Own was $2.85 and BOGO at Publix--or $1.43/loaf. I got it $.99/loaf, the English muffins for $.50, and the crackers for $2. So all for $4.48--another receipt under $5!

Considering we had very little money left last week, and I still spent some, I REALLY need to avoid looking at sales ads this week!

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