Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

So, I haven't done one of these in a while. I always think of things to share throughout the week, but when Tuesday rolls around, I can't remember many of the cute things my toddler did that week. These are just a few things from the last few days. I love these toddler moment, and watching her learn more about the world around her!

At a birthday party the other day, I saw signs that my daughter can be a bossy child! None of the other children were obeying, and she took it upon herself to walk around to each child and tell them, "No, no, Sweetie." And if they didn't stop it became a more forceful, "No, no." Or if someone fell, she'd help them up, "Ok, sweetie? You're fine." (As a side note here, I was SO proud of how well behaved she was that day. Especially in light of the fact that she was the only one obeying!)

Yesterday, Daddy was reading her a bed time story, and they were counting the puppies. She always gets stuck at three. Usually she counts "One, two, four, one, five six, seven..." Daddy was helping her count, and when she got to two, he asked what came next. She counted, "One, two,....yellow!" ....the doggies in the picture were yellow. :)

This morning we had a classic moment! My toddler loves to give the baby kisses, and keeps trying to kiss Baby on the mouth. Well, the baby had just finished nursing and was being burped when big sister came over for a mouth-to-mouth kiss. The baby got all excited and burped--spitting up right in her sister's mouth! I began to laugh, and my toddler just burst into tears (little Miss Drama Queen!). Poor thing. I was laughing and laughing, and she's crying and crying while I'm trying to wipe the puke out of her mouth. It took a while to get her to calm down. :)

A friend who recently moved away commented that she misses my big girl, and I replied that some days I'd almost be willing to ship her to Michigan, but then she does something cute and it makes up for all of the un-cute moments we had that day! We definitely have our share of those un-cute moments as she's struggling with selfishness and sometimes jealousy toward her sister. But I love my big girl!

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