Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Insurance -- A Necessary Decision!

My husband and I have talked about getting life insurance policies since I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. But switching down to one income, we just couldn't afford it. We've researched and done some reading here and there. It is almost a weekly, if not daily, burden on my mind. What will happend to the girls and me if my husband were to die? But oddly, though he is the bread-winner for our family, I almost fear more my girls being left without their mommy and being tossed into a daycare. I can't stand the thought of my girls, who are so dependent upon me, suddenly being without me and on top of that, being placed in the care of strangers.
My husband and I have already decided that my policy needs to carry him over for several months on income so that he can stay home with the girls and help them settle into the realization that mommy isn't around. When he feels the girls are adjusted, and he's ready to return to work, he can do so. Ideally, my policy would be similar to his in that it would pay off all of our outstanding debts (including mortgage) and provide for them for several months. It would be nice if he could switch to working part-time so that the girls wouldn't be in daycare full day. With all debts paid off, he would be able to manage this.
With his policy, we want something that would pay off all of our debts and allow me several months to settle and look for a job.
Recently we were contacted by an acquaintance asking us if she could practice her sales-pitch on us for training purposes. At the time I couldn't remember what she was selling, but agreed to help her out. When she arrived at our home and we learned she was selling life insurance, both my husband and I totally changed our perspective on this meeting. We had been of the mindset, "Oh, we're just doing this as a favor." But then we realized, this is our chance to really learn about life insurance without being harassed with phone calls and emails.
We still haven't made a decision because my husband has been too busy to look over the information provided. But we both know that this is what we want to do. It's just a matter of choosing the plan that is right for us.
In the last three days I have read blog posts, Facebook note, and even an email of people I once knew or a friend of a friend who just lost a spouse. Each case was a quick loss, whether a short battle with cancer or a car accident or whatever. God has really used these to wake me up to the fact that we know not the hour that He has chosen for us to go home to Him. I need to get this life insurance matter settled. It's almost frightening to see these people who our age being diagnosed with late stage cancer and barely having time to accept it before they're put on life support and then they're gone. And twice in the last week I was nearly in a serious car accident. Once with the kids in the car, and once without. Our lives are in God's hands. I have such a hard time trusting Him with that, because I want to always be here for my children, and I don't want to leave my husband alone with such a burden and responsibility. But God know what is best, and no amount of prayer is going to change His perfect timing. But we can be prepared for the after-effects.
I'll just put in a plug here for the friend who is selling life insurance. Her name is Shelly Parks, and she is an agent for American General Life & Accident Insurance. I was very impressed with the information presented about the company and with their prices. If you're interested in speaking with Shelly, I can get you her number.

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  1. This was a great reminder! We know we need to buy policies, too. They really are not very expensive. Last week, Nathan was working late, and I started thinking about what I'd do if he didn't make it home. The prospects are pretty bleak. You are absolutely correct about the wife needing to carry a policy, too. We don't have a mortgage, but, either one of us would have a hard time making enough money to provide for the girls properly alone.