Thursday, February 17, 2011

Super Cute Moment

Sadly, it wasn't one of those moments you could easily catch a picture of, although I could have tried a video. But every time I try to get a video, the kids quit what they were doing. :)

The other day I was making something in the kitchen and the girls were playing in the living room. Emma, typically over dramatic and constantly being corrected for whining, handled the situation surprisingly well. She came to the kitchen and told me her sister was hitting her on the head. I told her I'd clean my hands off and be there in a minute.

Emma went back to the living room, and as I was headed her way she called out, "Mom, Edith's hitting me." I walked into the room to see Edith happily chewing on the saptula (her "spanking spoon"). I told her not to hit (as if she'll listen!) and started to walk back to the kitchen. As soon as my back was turned, she started hitting her sister with the spatula again. When Emma said something I turned to see Edith happily chewing on the spatula again!

I couldn't believe what she was doing! It was just too funny and too cute! But needed to be corrected none the less.

Just a random thought I had while typing this: Is it wrong to laugh at your kid when they're doing something like that? Since technically it is sin, and we shouldn't laugh at sin? Hmmm...not sure I want to think about that one too hard.

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