Monday, February 14, 2011

Market Monday

Well, nothing too exciting for this past week. It started out as a bad week because I TOTALLY blew it at CVS last week. I went in there to redeem a raincheck, get cheap laundry soap, and use up my ECBs that were expiring. I was also in a rush to pick up something from the pharmacy before it closed and get to church on time. My husband had handed me his debit card for the pharmacy (I never use a debit card anymore.), and I guess because I had it in my hand, I unthinkingly handed that to the cashier when he gave me my total for the detergent. I remember thinking, "I wasn't suppose to pay that much." But I was distracted by the sound of the pharmacy rolling down their gate, and just brushed it aside as another one of my messed-up drug store runs. When I got to the car, I realized my mistake. I seriously howled in frustration!
Later in the week I messed up at Publix, but it was "only" a $5 error, so not really the end of the world.
Tonight, I ran into Publix just to grab some of the dairy-free margarine that we use for my daughter. It's really not my preference, but it usually ends up being the cheapest option.
I just looked at next week's Sneak Peek on I Heart Publix, and next week isn't looking too exciting either. I think I may actually go a week without buying anything! Of course, there's always those little baking necessities that you never realize you're almost out of until you're half-way through mixing all the ingredients together. (Please tell me I'm not the only person that happens to!)

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