Monday, February 28, 2011

Market Monday

Very rarely does a Publix shopping trip go by without me praising the Lord for the people who have patiently taught and guided me into the world of coupons and savings. When once we lived not even making it from paycheck to paycheck, and savings was a dream far off in the future, we now end each month with money still in our bank account, we have a savings account with money in it, and we've invested in life insurance policies. This is made possible by God's great love and provision for us, and He uses coupons as a means to help us spend (and save) our money more wisely.
This week I again drove out to the more coupon-friendly Publix--although a bit hesitantly since my gas light was on when I turned the car on! I called my husband to see how many miles I was suppose to get, and we decided I could make it there and back. I looked at the odometer when we were only half-way home, and we were already 8 miles over how far my husband said we could go on the tank. I was a little nervous! But we had a goal not to fill up again this month. :) Perhaps a bit silly, and we'll see if I can even get the car to the gas station tomorrow!
I had an unusual experience in the store today. I had just stopped in the middle of the store to put Edith in the carrier (she had bumped her head on the cart and was starting to get sleepy, so wasn't settling down. I was going to need extra room in the cart anyway), and another lady with a cart full items similar to the items in my cart, stopped me to make sure I had all the coupons I needed because she had extra! I'd seen other couponers in the stores, obviously, but no one ever stopped me. We chatted for a few minutes, and then she asked me if I had the coupons for the Mueller's pasta brand. I was starting to brush off her offer when she said they were a money maker! I got excited. My first thought was the close to 20 boxes of pasta already on my shelf. My second thought was, "Yes! Less money I'll have to spend!" She handed me a wad of coupons--12 to be exact--and then continued her shopping. Each of those coupons made me $.61! It was as if that lady had just handed me $3.66 cash!
One nice thing about the Publix I went to--they didn't make me do separate transactions of $50 in order to use my competitor coupon of $5/$50.
Probably the only other thing I'll have to buy this month (March) will be basic baking supplies and meat and whatever we'll need for Emma's birthday that I don't already have. She's requested Capri Sun's for her birthday, so I'm hoping the may go on sale (or I may just get them at Sam's). I don't think she even knows what they are, but twice when we've been on the juice aisle the over the last few shopping trips, she's asked if we could have those for her birthday. I was going to do just water, but I told her we'll see. :)
Today I came home with 109 items, and I only paid $18.11!
(oh, and the cutie in the corner: PRICELESS!)

On the Dorito/Pepsi deal I decided to make it a money-maker rather than take full advantage of the deal and getting 4 free Pepsis. These items will be for my sister. She has mid-term exams coming up, so this snack food along with a nice, yummy pizza should be just the right distraction!

I have one full-price item in here, and that's the vegan butter ($3.79) for the cookies my daughter wants to make.

Free or overage items:
16 Uncle Ben's rice 1.99 BOGO - 16 x $1/1 coupon = FREE (I spent $2.40 on coupons)
2 lbs strwaberries @ 1.66/lb - 2 x $1/1 produce wyb OM Deli Fresh - $1/1 babyclub q = -$.32
12 Mueller's pasta 1.39 BOGO - 12 $1/1 coupon = -$3.66
10 Mentos 0.50 - 10 x $.50/1 coupon = FREE
2 baguettes 1.49 - 2 x $1.50/1 bakery bread wyb 6 Hunts sauce/paste = FREE

In addition to "regular" coupons, I used 2 $5/20 select items Publix coupons and 2 $5/$50 competitor store coupons. That's and easy $20 off!

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